1Test Information
2Writing Task
3Multiple Choice

    • This assessment should be done under exam conditions
    • Bilingual dictionaries and/or electronic items are not allowed
    • The test should take no longer than 1.5hr

    The test has 3 parts: writing, literacy, and numeracy
    • Part 1 is a case study. Read the notes carefully and respond appropriately.
    • Part 2 assesses your grammar, vocabulary, and reading skills. Read each section carefully and choose the correct answer.
    • Part 3 assesses your numeracy skills. Read the questions and write your answers in the space provided. The use of calculators is not permitted.
    • For part 1, you will be given an overall level (Beginner – Advanced) parts 2 and 3 add up to a total of 30 marks.
  • If applicable
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